Barack Obama’s Twitter, Facebook, Campaign and Email Accounts compromised by Syrian electronic army

obama twitter hacked

The pro-Assad group Syrian Electronic Army claims it has hacked the President Barack Obama’s website , Twitter-Facebook accounts and access email accounts linked to Organizing For Action, the non-profit offshoot of Obama For America, Obama’s 2012 campaign operation.

Last night, Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) hacked into Obama’s donation website, which was temporarily redirected to the website of the hacking group ( with a short message: “Hacked by SEA”.

The hackers were able to take over only a secondary donations page. It was an older page – still on the site, but was no longer being used.

They have also posted fake tweets and updates from Obama’s Facebook Page and Twitter accounts, “All the links that Barack Obama account tweeted it and post it on Facebook was redirected to a video showing the truth about Syria” Hacker told Mashable in an interview.

obama facebook hacked


obama emails hacked




‘Syrian Electronic Army is an organized hacking group loyal to the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and known for their high profile cyber attacks. This year they were able to disrupt the New York Times web page multiple times, Twitter, CNN, the Huffington Post and Global Post and many more targets.

The SEA website launched in May 2011 stating the group’s mission: to attack the enemies of the Syrian government, mainly those who fabricated stories about the Syrian civil war.


Anonymous take down NSA website via dose of DDoS

The most controversial website of this year, which is an official website of US security Agency NSA has been taken down by one and only Anonymous hackers via dose of ddos.

Anonymous also took responsibility from various twitter accounts: enough said. You can’t arrest an idea. 你不能逮捕一个想法。당신은 아이디어를 체포 할 수 없습니다. あなたのアイデアを逮捕することはできません。#anonymous

— anonymousAsia (@anonymousAsia) October 25, 2013

Aww don’t panic about being down. They have a backup copy of the internet.

— Anonymous (@AnonyOps) October 25, 2013


— Rustle League (@LelzSec) October 25, 2013

An NSA spokesperson told ABC News the agency’s internal network was “not at all” compromised and no classified information was in danger. The NSA spokesperson declined to comment on what may have brought down the website, citing an ongoing probe.

In addition to the DDoS, hackers also exploited  with a 0day in order to gain login credentials for their server.

Qatar: Google, Facebook, Vodafone hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Instead of attacking websites from the front, hackers generally use DNS Hijacking to cut the root of any website. Syrian Electronic Army-a group of Syrian hackers, shows a latest example of this.

SEA compromised the Qatar domain registrar “” and defaced major websites include Google, Vodafone, Facebook, Qatar govt. website and many others.

All of the websites were defaced with a same page, which shows pic of Syrian president bashar al-assadand SEA official Logo, below is the screenshot we took from

Below are the websites claimed by SEA to have hacked:

  1. (CHECKED)
  5. (CHECKED)
  13.  (CHECKED)

SEA also uploaded a pic on twitter to show-They actually hacked the Qatar domain registrar website:


The source code for says:





Google Malaysia Got Hacked


The hack replaced the site’s home page with a splash screen giving the Pakistani group credit, before it was taken completely offline.
The hackers apparently gained access to the Malaysia Network Information Center and changed the DNS records of Google’s site to Madleets-controlled servers, TechCrunch reported.
MYNIC is the sole administrator for web addresses that end with .my in Malaysia.
Google was back online in Malaysia Friday morning.
A statement on the Team Madleets’ Facebook page claiming responsibility for the hack suggested the attack was random.

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