Hacker fined with $183,000 for 1-min DDOS attack

Two year in Prison and 183000 fine for One Minute DDoS attack

Eric Rosol, A  38-year-old hacker who joined an Anonymous hacker attack for just one minute has been sentenced to two years of federal probation and ordered to pay $183,000 fine. Yes you read right! $183,000 fine  for just 1 Minute of DDoS attack.

He used a software called a Low Orbit Ion Cannon Code, LOIC is a popular DDoS tool used by anonymous hackers and other hackers to perform the DDoS attack. Rosol pleaded guilty and was agreed to direct pay for the losses as a result of the attack on the company website i.e. around $5,000 only, but Koch Industries had argued that it hired a consulting group to protect its web sites at a cost of approximately $183,000.


SkyJack: Hacker-drone that can wirelessly hijack & control other drones

A remote-controlled Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter.(Reuters / Stephen Lam)

As Amazon prepares to roll out package-delivering drones, the prospect of swarming tiny aircraft raises a new range of security issues. A US hacker has created a low-cost drone, which finds and wirelessly hijacks other drones.

Samy Kamkar was once convicted of creating the Samy computer worm that knocked out MySpace back in 2005. Now he is devoting his tech skills to legit cyber-security research. The drone-hacking drone is his latest creation, which may send a chill to those inspired by Amazon’s recent announcement that it will use small remote-controlled aircraft for deliveries in a few years’ time.

The drone platform called SkyJack that Kamkar created uses readily available components such as the Parrot AR.Drone quadcopter, a Raspberry Pi circuit board and open-source software he developed and published.

SkyJack uses WiFi to detect other Parrot drones in its range. It then injects WiFi packets into the victim drone’s connection, making it de-authenticate from its remote controller, usually a smartphone, and authenticate in its place, taking it under control. The flying hacker is relatively cheap and quite simple to build.