Syrian Electronic Army website got hacked by a Turkish hacker.. lol

Syrian Electronic Army own website got hacked by Turkish hacker
SEA website got hacked by a turkish hacker lol.
SEA Group has taken down many serious targets like Microsoft, Obama & New York Times’ twitter accounts & websites in the past, but today their own server got breached.
The most common hacking technique used by the SEA Group is Phishing, but the Turkguvenligi hacked then using an exploit known for vulnerabilities in the server or website.
SEA hacked
Statement from SEA Group:

The hosting company that hosts #SEA websites, including ( was attacked… ( was not affected. Since the #SEA servers is managed by the hosting company, they down the servers quickly to make sure that will not happen again. Such attacks will not affect the #SEA, we will continue our hacks and operations.


Hack or attempt to hack, you may face 20 years of prison.

The Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman ‘Patrick Leahy‘ reintroduced a revamped version of the “Personal Data Privacy and Security Act” for tough criminal penalties for hackers, that he originally authored in 2005.
During last Christmas Holidays, a massive data breach had occurred at the shopping giant Target, involving hack of 40 million credit & debit cards, used to pay for purchases at its 1500 stores nationwide in the U.S.
Reason: “Target Data Breach? Seriously”?