Iran hackers said to target critical infrastructure in Saudi, Qatar

An Iran-based hacking group has targeted some of the world’s leading energy, transport and telecoms companies, including those in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The attacks centered on the military, aviation, energy and transportation sectors, among others, in 16 countries that included fellow Gulf states Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.




Unreleased Sony movies leaked to file-sharing sites after hack


The pirated copies of five movies began showing up online just days after a security breach reportedly forced the film and TV arm of Japanese tech and media conglomerate Sony to shut down its network.

Four unreleased titles are among the movies leaked online, including a remake of the musical “Annie” and “Mr. Turner,” both of which are due to be released next month, according to Variety. Other movies released include “Fury,” a Brad Pitt World War II drama released last month, and “Still Alice,” a Julianne Moore movie due to be released in January.

source: cnet