Wi-Fi (WEP) Cracking in less than 5 mins


As a part of a wireless security assessment I was asked to assess clients’s wireless security posture. A day before I decided to do some homework and try few tools available in kali linux. I started with a tutorial related to aircrack-ng and its related tools set where we capture IVs, de-authenticate clients and crack the IVs, even after a couple of hours I was unable to crack even the weakest networks around.

Out of frustation I decided to try out another tools and this time it was “wifite”, which  I never used or heard off. After reading about a bit online I planned to go ahead and start playing around. And surprisingly it took less than 3-5 mins for wifite to crack the network I was struggling with.

Below are the steps I followed to crack the WEP network.

  1. Run command “wifite” to initate and wait for at least 3-5 minutes and let the tool  collect near by wireless networks info like security protocol, signal strength, WPS yes/no, clients connected or not, etc.


2. Once you see a significant number of near by access point press “Ctrl+c” to choose which access point to attack. I selected “****250” access point as my target.

Just select your target and let the tool do it’s magic.cracked

And voila !! In less than a minute the key got cracked.

Conclusion : After trying WEP cracking I realised how weak WEP can be.

Suggestion : Never use WEP as security protocol for your access points.

Be Safe Stay Secure !! and Kudos to author of “wifite”

Note : This tutorial is for educational purpose only, use the steps at your own risk and attack the AP which you own, unless and until you have permission from the owner please do not try this.

In my next post I will share my experience of trying to do get  this to  another level WPA/WPA2.


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